How do I receive approval for university-related essential travel? (7/10)

As UF reopens and reengages with other universities, industries, research and instructional initiatives, and governmental agencies, it is to be expected that members of the community will engage in additional travel closely tied to these activities. Consequently, essential travel directly connected to assigned university duties will be approved by the Dean of a College (or analogous Director in certain units), a Senior Vice President, or Vice President. At this time and until further notice, Deans and Directors may not delegate this responsibility to Department Chairs. No travel reimbursements will be issued without that approval.

Employees are still strongly encouraged to minimize personal travel.

Employees who do travel should inform themselves about restrictions and quarantines either in the areas to which they travel or requirements of the State of Florida and the University of Florida in returning from certain locations. UF may require returning employees to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from certain destinations.

Employees are reminded that any international travel must be pre-approved by a Dean (or SVP or VP) and must be registered on the International Travel Registration website. Employees are further reminded that they could find their movements severely restricted in international travel, including re-entry into the United States.

Supervisors: We have employees asking if they can work from home. Where can I find more information? (7/2)

More information on working remotely may be found on the UFHR website.

What resources are available for faculty to support their mental health and well-being during this stressful period? (7/10)

Our UF Employee Assistance Program offers confidential 24/7 access to support for employees at no cost.

Can I continue my research? (7/2)

For information about research, please visit the Office of Research COVID-19 website.

My question is not addressed here. Where can I learn more? (7/10)

UF Human Resources has assembled a comprehensive webpage of resources to support faculty and staff during this time.