Travel Guidelines

We continue to update policies and guidelines related to university-affiliated travel while protecting against the transmission of COVID-19 in accordance with state government guidance. Employees are strongly encouraged to minimize personal travel. However, as UF reopens and engages with other universities and partners, we expect members of the community will engage in additional travel tied to these activities.

The following approval guidelines will apply:

  • Essential travel in the United States directly connected to assigned university duties must be approved by the dean of a college (or analogous director in certain units), a senior vice president, or vice president. At this time, deans and directors may not delegate this responsibility to department chairs.
  • International travel must be pre-approved by a dean (or DVP or VP) and registered on the International Center International Travel Registration website.

All employees who travel should get informed about restrictions and quarantines, both for areas they travel to and requirements of the State of Florida and UF when returning from certain locations. UF may require returning employees to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from certain locations.

As conditions change, this process will be modified and revised as necessary.

Event Guidelines

While UF encourages organizers of events and gatherings to continue looking for virtual alternatives, events and gatherings are allowed at all university properties in Florida on a gradual, controlled and phased basis. 

Campus Event Request / Approval Process

Approval for requests for in-person activities will consider a range of factors, including: local public health conditions, the university’s capacity to execute safety and security protocols and the availability of space. Organizers seeking approval are required to submit COVID-19 safety plans. These can be submitted through the GatorConnect Event Permitting Systems online application process or through the UF/IFAS facilities or certain venues with delegated authority, listed below.

Registered Student Organization Requests

Registered Student Organization (RSO) event or permit requests should go through the Vice President for Student Affairs or through the GatorConnect Event Permitting System.

Requests for UF/IFAS Locations

Requests for UF/IFAS-controlled or occupied facilities – both on- and off-campus – require UF/IFAS administrative approval by local leadership and the relevant UF/IFAS dean. Events at county-owned facilities need agreement from both the county and UF/IFAS to host the event, and may require additional university event or permit approvals required by the Office of Business Affairs GatorConnect Event Permitting System.

Venues with Delegated Authority

A number of venues on campus have authority to approve events in that venue, subject to university requirements. Those looking to organize an event should contact the venue, whose staff can assist with additional event or permit requirements. A list of these venues can be found here:

Restrictions and Guidelines for Events

The following restrictions and guidelines will apply to approved in-person events and gatherings in university buildings. Every person coming to UF properties — whether a faculty member, a staff member, student, volunteer, vendor, or visitor — is expected to adhere to these policies:

Event Guidelines
  • Face coverings must always be worn by all people older than 2 years of age.
  • Physical distancing (currently, a minimum of six feet) must be observed at all indoor and outdoor events and gatherings with special attention given to entry/exit of the venue and queuing and ticketing logistics.
  • Maximum attendance for indoor events and gatherings is 50 persons. Depending on the venue layout and space available to ensure the physical distancing requirement, the maximum attendance could be less than 50 persons. Additionally, venue managers have the latitude to set lower maximum attendance capacities for their venues.
  • Maximum attendance for outdoor events and gatherings is 250 persons. Venue managers have the latitude to set lower maximum capacities for their venues.
  • Organizers of events or venue managers must produce a roster with contact information for each event attendee and maintain such information for a minimum of one month after the date of the event. This does not apply to campus visitors entering public facilities such as museums and galleries.
  • Where possible, technology options such as web conferencing or live streaming events should be an option to those invited, but reluctant to attend the event or gathering in person.
  • UF-hosted and -sponsored in-person events and gatherings must provide appropriate accommodations and alternative options for those who have a disability and cannot attend in person (or follow the policies of in-person attendance).
  • Communications advertising the event must include a statement encouraging those individuals at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (including older adults and people of all ages with certain underlying medical conditions) to avoid such events and gatherings and when available, direct them to virtual participation options.
  • On-site event signage must include university-approved print communications addressing mandatory face coverings and physical distancing in prominent locations.
  • Food and beverage service must comply with the restrictions and requirements established by the Office for Business Services.
  • Campus large indoor venues may operate at up to 50% of capacity while complying with the face covering and physical distancing requirements. Depending on the venue layout and space available the maximum attendance could be less than 50% of building capacity. Additionally, venue managers have the latitude to set lower maximum attendance capacities for their venues.
  • UF/IFAS off-campus meeting spaces considered university properties will follow the same restrictions and requirements.
  • Classroom spaces can only be used only for classroom uses and co-curricular activities approved by a College Dean.


These policies do not address instructional activities, University Athletic Association team practices and competitions, or RecSports programming and activities. However, ancillary events held in spaces controlled by the University Athletics Association or RecSports must follow these policies. UF-hosted and -sponsored in-person events and gatherings held at non-university properties must also follow the policies. Non-UF persons, groups, and organizations using university properties for in-person activities must accept responsibility for complying with these policies.

If the university determines that an event or gathering does not comply with these Campus Event and Gatherings Policies, the university reserves the right to:

  • Deny or rescind the event organizer’s permission to use the venue (even if the event has already started); and
  • Restrict the event organizer from reserving campus space in the future.

For more on UF's event policies, including rates, availability, and safety measures, visit our Events Resources page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will travel restrictions be lifted for the summer and fall semesters?

There are currently no restrictions on travel, although permission for university-sanctioned travel must be granted by a dean (instead of the department chair) Restrictions on vehicle occupancy for those travelling by wheeled vehicles will be reviewed later

Where can we go (or not go) on campus? Will there be places for studying and socializing outside of classrooms and residence halls?

Spaces for study and student life activities are available. De-densification will be necessary for safety reasons in libraries, computer labs, dining halls, and other group gathering spaces.

Will the recreation center be open? Will there be intramural sports/events on campus?

Southwest Recreation Center and Lake Wauburg are currently open. For adjusted hours and guidelines, please visit UF Rec Sports.

What will orientation be like?

Although the purposes of these programs will remain the same, there will be necessary modifications made to support our COVID-19 Protection Plan. The Preview program for undergraduate students is being offered virtually.  

Are employees/students returning from international travel required to quarantine? Further, if someone travels after being cleared to work, must that person be re-cleared upon return?

UF will follow the applicable CDC travel guidance restrictions, and travel guidance as determined by the State of Florida, Department of Health.  COVID-19 testing remains available for all faculty, staff and students that return from travel, but it will not be required.  

How do I receive approval for university-related essential travel?

Essential travel directly connected to assigned university duties will be approved by the Dean of a College (or analogous Director in certain units), a Senior Vice President, or Vice President. At this time and until further notice, Deans and Directors may not delegate this responsibility to Department Chairs. No travel reimbursements will be issued without that approval.

Employees are still strongly encouraged to minimize personal travel.

Employees who do travel should inform themselves about restrictions and quarantines either in the areas to which they travel or requirements of the State of Florida and the University of Florida in returning from certain locations. UF may require returning employees to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from certain destinations.

Employees are reminded that any international travel must be pre-approved by a Dean (or SVP or VP) and must be registered on the International Center International Travel Registration website. Employees are further reminded that they could find their movements severely restricted in international travel, including re-entry into the United States.

Will study-abroad resume during the summer and fall semesters?

From UF’s point of view, study-abroad will resume, but will likely continue to be affected by any pandemic-related restrictions in foreign countries related to travel and quarantine.  Please contact the UFIC Study Abroad office for more information.