Delivery of Instruction

Academic Delivery

UF will offer its normal array of course offerings, including in-person, online and hybrid classes. Not all classes will be available online.

To learn more about health and safety expectations, visit our Health Guidance page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UF providing masks to faculty and staff? How can I access them?

UF is providing N95 and KN95 masks to colleges and units throughout the university for faculty and staff. To access these masks, please reach out to your area’s designated point of contact to make a request. UF will supply as many masks as needed, up to one per workday (20 per 4 weeks).

If my question isn't answered here, whom can I contact?

Please email for additional questions not answered here.

What health and safety precautions will remain in place for the Fall semester to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Masks are expected for students, faculty, staff and guests in UF facilities. Extra masks and hand sanitizer will also be availble in classrooms.

To learn how and where to receive the vaccine, visit:

Will UF resume full, normal operations for the Fall semester?

 In-person classes will be at pre-pandemic capacities, employees will travel more on university business, students will resume study abroad experiences, laboratories and libraries will operate at full throttle, purchasing of supplies will increase, performances and other cultural experiences will resume, etc.  In short, we will resume UF’s rich academic, cultural, and athletic lifestyles.