Residence halls and dining facilities are scheduled to be open for the fall semester with modifications that promote necessary physical distancing and other safety measures in alignment with UF Health recommendations.

Housing and Move-in

Campus residences will operate with a reduced capacity and will adjust occupancy within some rooms to promote safety of our community.

Masks will not be required within a student’s own room as roommates in residence halls will be treated as a single household. However, face coverings are expected in common areas, hallways and outside of rooms where physical distancing may be difficult to maintain.

Due to a later instructional start of August 31, the housing calendar will be shifted to reflect this new date. Move-in for campus residence halls will begin on August 18 and continue through August 30. Students will receive direct communication in July from UF Housing & Residence Education to schedule a move-in appointment. Appointments will be staggered to accommodate UF Health Screen, Test & Protect screening, allowing for proper physical distance and cleaning operations based on UF Health guidelines.

Operational Changes in Housing
  • Registration for appointments to move in to campus residences will take place between July 13-27. The appointments will be distributed to support physical distancing throughout the move-in process.
  • Throughout the move-in process, residents and those assisting them will be required to wear masks or cloth face coverings. Students will be limited to two guests to assist with move-in. Students should have completed UF Health Screen, Test & Protect screening prior to moving in.
  • As potential health challenges can arise and circumstances can change, we ask that residents limit the volume of belongings they bring to campus
  • There will be clearly communicated limits for elevator occupancy to promote physical distancing.
  • Safe usage guidelines including physical distancing, and occupancy limits will be clearly posted in common areas.
  • Each room will have recommended, pre-determined furniture organization to allow for maximum distancing.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of “high-touch” areas such as restrooms and door handles has increased in frequency.
  • UF reserves the right to amend guest policies in on-campus residencies.
  • An increased number of hand sanitizer stations are in process of being installed on residential floors and in laundry rooms and community spaces.
  • Existing water fountains are being retrofitted with Elkay wall mount stainless steel indoor bottle filling stations.
  • Automated soap and paper towel dispensers are being added to community kitchens and bathrooms.


Gator Dining will continue to provide the UF community with a robust dining program while adhering to enhanced safety measures consistent with UF Health and state guidance related to COVID-19. The current plan includes reopening of all locations for the fall semester under normal operating hours, but in adherence to physical distancing and other safety guidelines. The Gator Dining team will monitor operations daily and stay abreast of any changes in guidelines or direction regarding COVID-19 and adjust campus operations accordingly. Fall 2020 meal plan pricing remains the same as Fall 2019 pricing.

Gator Dining will adjust operating procedures to meet or exceed recommended UF Health and state guidelines related to COVID-19, in order to provide safe dining spaces and programming for the UF community.

Operational Changes in Dining
  • All dining employees will go through a health screening and temperature check daily before starting their shift. An employee with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will be sent home and may not return to work until their temperature has subsided and they show no symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus. Any employee who does not meet the standards of the daily screening will not be allowed to work until able to meet the safety standards.
  • An individualized safety plan and documented procedures for each individual dining location based on type of service, layout of facility and proximity to other common areas.
  • Increased scheduled sanitation and disinfecting of all customer contact surfaces in all locations.
  • Installation of Plexiglas shields in cashier areas to provide protection for guests and employees.
  • Encouragement of physical distancing in all guest areas, via signage, floor decals and other means.
  • Elimination of self-service platforms in all locations; implementation of altered service style for select stations.
  • Temporary discontinuation of the use of reusable “to go” food containers and beverage cups.
  • Implementation of individual boxed or pre-packaged meals for most catered events.
  • Increased use of single-service items in all areas, which may include silverware, condiments, beverages, to-go packaging and more.
  • Enhanced “grab-n-go” options.


Gator Dining will adjust services as needed to meet the needs of the UF community and based on the guidelines and direction by UF Health and state authorities in place at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the housing contract run? (10/13)

Contracts for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 and contracts for Spring 2021 will end on May 1, 2021 at noon. 

Do I get to pick my room? What halls are available? (10/13)

Most students moving in this Spring will get to pick their room. To learn more about availability, visit:  

Where can I find hours for campus facilities? (8/26)

Facilities are adjusting hours of operation as needed.

For Reitz Union hours, please visit:

For Student Health Care Center Hours, please visit:

For Newell Hall hours, please visit:

For Recreation Sports hours, please visit:

For library hours, please visit:

For dining hours, please visit:

To check the status of your local UF/IFAS Extension office, research center or 4-H Camp, please visit

Will there be an adjustment to the price of tuition/housing/dining for students who go home at the end of in person instruction? (7/10)

No. The university plans to remain open and operational for the entire fall semester.  Faculty teaching face-to-face courses have the option of continuing face-to-face instruction and final examinations following Thanksgiving, but are being encouraged to structure the course so that students have the option of completing the course remotely after Thanksgiving if they wish to do so.  In addition, the residential halls and dining courts will remain open for students who need/decide to remain on campus after Thanksgiving. Fall contracts will continue through the end of the fall semester. 

Is UF shut down following Thanksgiving break until spring 2021 semester? (10/13)

The University of Florida is not shut down after Thanksgiving. Faculty are encouraged to shift their classes to an online format after the holiday to give students the option to stay home if they so choose. Most courses will not have a face-to-face requirement after Thanksgiving, but some will.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my housing account? (6/30)

All housing account questions can be directed to the Housing Accounts Receivables team at

If a UF student or employee experiences financial hardship can they get assistance? (6/30)

UF’s Aid-a-Gator financial assistance program is available for students and employees. Visit the Aid-A-Gator website for more information. If you want to help students and employees with financial need, you can donate to these programs.

If you have a financial hardship and are struggling to purchase food, UF’s Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry is available for you.

If the university must shift and go entirely virtual in the spring, will there be housing refunds or can students get out of their contracts? (10/13)

Regardless of course delivery, students are obligated to the terms and conditions for spring once a contract is complete. There is no cancellation period for Spring 2021 housing agreements.

Will I be able to get on-campus housing for Spring 2021? (7/31)

We will send information about spring only housing in September.

What is the deadline to sign up for on-campus housing for Spring 2021 semester? (10/13)

There is no deadline to sign-up for campus housing. Spaces will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Where can I learn more about isolation and quarantine procedures? (9/9)

You can learn more about isolation and quarantine procedures at UF on the Screen, Test and Protect page.

When can I move in or return to my room for Spring 2021 semester? (10/13)

Students will be able to move in or return to campus the week of January 3, 2021. For more information, visit:  

If my question isn't answered here, whom can I contact?

Please email for additional questions not answered here.

Where can we go (or not go) on campus? Will there be places for studying and socializing outside of classrooms and residence halls? (7/10)

This fall, additional spaces for study and student life activities will be available. De-densification will be necessary for safety reasons in libraries, computer labs, dining halls, and other group gathering spaces. Plans are still being developed and more information will be available this summer in time for students coming back to campus for the fall semester.

When do I have to move out of on-campus residence halls for the fall semester? (10/13)

Students staying for the spring semester do not have to move out. However, the residence halls close on Saturday, December 19, 2020, and students must leave unless they have paid for intersession housing.  

The only exception to this is Infinity Hall will remain open to residents throughout the winter break. 

What behavior is expected on campus to prevent community spread? (8/10)

Campus health guidelines are available at: Enforcement of behavioral expectations to abide by University regulations and policy, state and local law and the instructions of officials can be carried out by any designee of the Vice President of Student Affairs or other appropriate University Official. For more details, please visit the UF policy page for behavioral expectations.

Will UF still be quarantine/isolating students if they live in residences halls and test positive? (10/13)

Yes. Support for students needing to quarantine/isolate will continue through spring semester.

Will UF services and buildings be available after Thanksgiving? (10/13)

Yes. Campus will remain open.

Can I get a contract to live on campus for the Spring? (10/13)

Almost all students living on campus for the fall already have a contract that covers the Spring 2021 semester. New and current students with an active housing application should visit On the home screen, there will be an option to express interest in Spring 2021 housing. All you need to do is click the button, and our staff will send out Spring 2021 housing agreements starting in November on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

How are UF Housing and other campus facilities being cleaned? (7/10)

UF’s custodial team is conducting their usual, daily, disinfecting cleaning in areas such as public restrooms along with doing a deeper disinfectant cleaning in all common/lobby spaces. They are increasing the daily wiping down of high touch surfaces in all residence halls to include:

  • Doors doorknobs, handrails, elevator push buttons
  • Desks, tables, chairs, arm rest of chairs
  • Counters, offices, phones, keyboards, laptop keypads in common spaces
  • Bathroom fixtures, toilets, sinks
  • Water fountain push buttons

Areas are being cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths which are frequently changed and being disinfected using Diversey Oxivir TB.

Supervisors are monitoring desk area locations to ensure hand sanitizer bottles are kept replenished at the desk and not allowed to run low.

Staff are focusing on after-hours cleaning for areas that are visibly soiled and immediately cleaning those locations.

As normal if students have a cleaning concern, they can submit an iService ticket.

Throughout campus, in addition to their normal operations, custodial staff have increased disinfecting activities in all campus buildings they serve. Special attention is being given to bathrooms, frequently touched surfaces and common areas.

What housing changes can I expect? (7/10)

Campus residence will operate with a reduced capacity, and we have adjusted occupancy within some rooms to promote safety of our community.

Additional changes to housing will include new room configurations (some small doubles changed to single rooms), furniture rearranged, enhanced and increased cleaning of public areas, cleaning supplies available to students, hand sanitizing stations, social distancing guidelines (posters, social media, university emails), etc. Professional and student staff are receiving additional training regarding the health and safety regulations and you will be able to direct questions to your Residence Assistant (RA) and the Main Housing Office on the corner of S.W. 13 Street and Museum Road.