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Welcome to the University of Florida’s website celebrating the fact that we are back together on campus and providing the information you need to have a successful and productive semester. We will update this site regularly and hope you bookmark it.

As Gators, we are characterized by our resilience and determination to press forward in the face of challenges. We hope you will join us as we care for one another, practice healthy behaviors, and embrace the spirit of learning and discovery that makes UF a leading public university in the country.

Let’s continue to do great things!

Recent Announcements



As we are preparing for our first full fall semester, the State University System Chancellor, Chair and Presidents urge all students to become vaccinated.



UF is preparing for its first full fall semester schedule since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We urge the entire university community – students, faculty, staff, and their families – to become vaccinated, if they have not already done so. The vaccine is free, readily available, safe, and effective. It  gives us the ability to restore normal operations to the university this fall.

Summer/Fall 2021 Campus Health

As part of its effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, UF Health has implemented a Screen, Test & Protect initiative. To learn more about the initiative or view the latest data, visit UF Health’s website:

As Gators, we have a tradition of pulling together and rising to meet major challenges with optimism and determination. I encourage all of us to look out for each other as we take care of ourselves. I am confident that our university community will meet this challenge.
— UF President Kent Fuchs